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The development of promising products alone is not enough to attract the attention of the public or customers. Products must be introduced and sold through strategic planning of advertising campaigns. The choice of Content Marketings from the various marketing strategies requires not only the creation of authentic content, but also regular adaptation to changes in society. Companies should always keep their campaigns up to date, analyze offline and online trends and use these as a basis for introducing new products or optimizing existing campaigns. In this article we will inform you about the most important content marketing trends in 2023 and give you tips for successful implementation.

What is Content Marketing?

The creation and distribution of relevant content with the aim of addressing specific target groups, inspiring them and encouraging them to take action is known as content marketing. This form of marketing differs greatly from classic advertising because it responds to the needs of customers and puts them in the foreground.
According to Statista, companies from Germany, Switzerland and Austria will already have in 2022 around 9.8 billion euros invested in content marketing. The success of this marketing strategy is due to the fact that users are often flooded with many advertisements in everyday life and therefore no longer want to pay attention to them. Brands that respond to customer needs through authentic content receive more attention and therefore have the potential to generate more sales.

The most important content marketing trends for 2023

The web is evolving quickly and trends are constantly changing through social media. This constant change on the web and in society can be a challenge for companies that want to draw attention to their products. Often attempts are made to create a pleasant impression on the target group and to inspire them through high-quality and interesting content. This attempt often fails because brands do not adapt their communication measures and strategies to developments. Here are the top trends to consider for your campaigns.

User-generated Content

UCG (User-generated content) describes content that is created and distributed by users themselves. This strategy is cost-effective for brands because users themselves create and publish the content. At first glance, this method seems quite comfortable for makers. The biggest difficulty, however, remains motivating the micro-influencers to take the targeted action. Why should you create a USG for your company? What advantages do they offer? Many companies usually bet Competitions as a motivational reason and thus attract the attention of the community. Others offer their own products or money as compensation.

Short videos

Even in 2023, video content is still at the forefront and remains one of the most popular ways to interact with users. This content marketing strategy is no longer just about producing high-quality content, but also about meeting the specific expectations of the target group. The videos are distributed across various channels, while companies also have the option to use quiz or survey tools to increase visibility.
The success of new social platforms (e.g. Tik Tok) or the emergence of new formats (e.g. YouTube Shorts) are evidence that short videos, as opposed to long videos attract more attention. Users are increasingly striving for short and precise video content that provides them with the necessary information and emotions in a short amount of time. The creation of this form of video should be carefully considered tactically and only used for content that fits it. Many brands use short videos to introduce new products or draw attention to a specific campaign. The selection of possible protagonists, colors, audios or the choice of title require careful planning. The first few seconds of the video must capture the user’s attention and motivate them to interact, as interaction is one of the most successful ways to build long-term customer relationships.


Influencer marketing is also one of the most popular strategies in the content marketing trends in 2023. Micro-influencers are all platform users who have not built up a very large community and their reach among friends or family or as Subject matter experts apply in their industry. In contrast to macro-influencers, who have a high number of followers, the follower numbers of micro-influencers usually remain below 100,000.
The advantages of working with micro-influencers include the authenticity and individuality of their content. They maintain a relationship with their small community that is based on mutual trust. In addition, partnering with micro-influencers does not involve high costs, as is the case with macro-influencers. With this content marketing strategy, companies should have several partnerships with different companies due to its low reach Influencer:innen complete.


Audio Content is popular because of its easy handling. Users like to listen to podcasts in everyday life. Whether you’re cleaning or on the sofa in the evening, your favorite podcast station is a pleasant companion in everyday life. Companies that strive for long-term customer loyalty should take advantage of this content marketing trend. According to Statista, 14 percent of people in Germany were already listening to the audio format in 2016, the number increased over time and by 2022, 42 percent of those surveyed said they listened to podcasts from time to time.
However, podcast content cannot consist of advertising. Companies should use this route to inform their users to provide authentic and valuable entertainmentwithout constantly putting the brand in the foreground. Otherwise there is a risk that listeners will quickly drop out again.

Social Commerce

Social commerce is the sales strategy of shortening the classic path to purchasing a product. Many brands provide so-called “shoppable Posts” available to improve the customer journey. Customers can make their purchases via the common social media platform. The advantages are:

  • bessere Customer Journey
  • improved user-friendliness
  • increased sales

Use of artificial intelligence

AI has become an integral part of online marketing strategies. Many companies are using artificial intelligence because of its ability to generate data sets from different sources and produce content tailored to customer needs. With the help of AI, companies can do a lot quickly and effectively Create personalized content for your target audience. This not only improves the customer experience but also helps improve the brand image.

However, the use of AI is not a replacement for human skills. AI usually creates content that appears purely superficial and does not convey any emotions. In addition, AI does not take into account the vision of a company or the ethical and legal foundations. Marketing managers should therefore take note of this Limitations of AI be aware and always check the content it generates carefully before distributing it.


Building and maintaining strong, long-term customer loyalty requires one regular optimization of marketing strategies. Changes in society and social media trends require companies to adapt. It often happens that trends that were previously favored by the audience are suddenly considered unacceptable. Taking trends into account in content marketing measures helps brands sell their products, maintain their image and build a trusting relationship with their target group. However, when choosing a trend, companies must ensure that it fits their vision and is sustainable for them in the long term.

If you are faced with the challenge of finding a suitable strategy for your brand, the expert team at Xpert Digital is happy to assist you as a content marketing agency and help you optimize your campaign.

frequently asked Questions

What is meant by content marketing?

Content marketing refers to a marketing strategy that is tailored to the needs and expectations of customers. The aim of this method is to create authentic content that the target group can identify with.

Was sind Content-Marketing Trends?

Content marketing trends describe the current tendencies in the area of ​​content marketing that are successfully received by the target group. These are formats and topics that inspire users.

Which content marketing trend can you recommend to us?

Brands have different visions and goals. A blanket recommendation is therefore not possible. In order to find the right trend, an analysis of the company philosophy and the expectations of the buyer personas is required in advance. You are welcome to contact Xpert Digital’s inbound marketing team for advice.

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