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Foreign Language

The importance of foreign language

Whether in everyday life or at work, learning a foreign language always opens up new opportunities for you and brings you into contact with exciting people and cultures.

According to the LLAS Center for Languages, Linguistics, and Area Studies, there are over 700 reasons to learn a foreign language.

1. Reason for a foreign language: broaden your horizons

When learning a foreign language, you will not only learn vocabulary and grammar, but also a lot about the country and its culture. If you talk to the locals, you will learn a lot about the traditions and the way of life and thinking in other countries.

In addition, you will get to know your next holiday destination much more intensively with foreign language skills. In conversations with residents, you might learn about wonderful places or traditional dishes that you would not otherwise get to know!

2. Reason for a foreign language: Improve your career chances

Multilingualism offers you a number of advantages over other applicants in professional life. With similar CVs and qualifications, the person who speaks more languages ​​often wins out.

During your job, if you have good foreign language skills, you will be able to negotiate with foreign business partners or even work abroad yourself.

So you open up countless new possibilities with every language that you also master.

3rd reason for a foreign language: Travel more relaxed 

With a basic understanding of the local language, you will travel much more easily. Easily order your favorite meal at the restaurant or chat with locals about the country’s best sights.

This also increases your motivation when learning a language.

Even a few words in another language will quickly get you further on your journey. You do the rest with your hands and feet.

4. Reason for learning a foreign language: Improve your mental health

Numerous studies show that, on average, multilingual people develop dementia later than people who only speak one language.

Learning a language keeps your brain fit, and increases your brain power and your memory.

So by learning a language you are also doing something good for your mind! So it’s always worth improving your understanding of the language.

5th reason for a foreign language: Get to know exciting people and new cultures

If you speak several languages, there are many new opportunities for you to get to know new people – either at work or in your free time.

Over time you will surely meet people with similar interests. Maybe this acquaintance will even develop into a long-term friendship.

6th reason for a foreign language is: Improve your learning ability

When you learn languages, you always discover new learning methods. Whether it‘s the Assimil methodsuggestopedia or simply speaking your vocabulary on tape – you only notice which learning method suits your learning type best when you try it out.

The right learning method increases your ability to learn. This also helps you in other areas for which you are studying.

7th reason for a foreign language: Train your brain 

As you learn languages, different areas of the brain are active: specifically Wernicke’s area and Broca’s area. Through the activity, you train your brain – similar to a muscle in strength training.

Science has found that multilingual people switch more easily between different tasks, i.e. are more flexible. In addition, their ability to concentrate is increased and they are less easily distracted.

8th reason for a foreign language is: Increase your stamina

Good stamina is one of the most important prerequisites for learning a language. If you don’t deal with a language sufficiently and in the long term, you will hardly be able to speak it.

If you learn a language, you prove to yourself and others that you have staying power. This will certainly not only impress your future boss.

9. Reason for learning a foreign language: Enjoy films, series, books, and songs in the original language

Many world-famous series do not come from Germany. The content is often more authentic in the original language – especially comedy series are more fun in the original language because the translation of jokes often differs greatly.

The same applies to foreign-language films, books, podcasts, or music. For example, you always wanted to know what your favorite song is about. With foreign language skills, you will find out.

 10th reason for a foreign language: Develop yourself personally

Researchers were able to show that multilingual people are more able to work in a team than monolinguals. In addition, learning a foreign language increases self-confidence, which improves your ability to make decisions.

So you notice: When you learn a language, you do a lot for your personal development. 

11. Reason for a foreign language: Improve your knowledge of your mother tongue

Understanding a new language will even help you with your native language. Because by learning a foreign language you develop a general feeling for the language.

You analyze grammatical structures and learn the basics of a foreign language. Use this knowledge and improve your grammatical knowledge as well as your reading and speaking skills in German.

12th reason for a foreign language: See the world with different eyes

With every language, you learn, your way of thinking changes. You develop a new perspective on different aspects of life and strengthen your critical thinking. 

With good foreign language skills, you have the opportunity, for example, to read the press from all over the world and watch reports from other countries. In this way, you form your own opinion in a more targeted manner.

By the way: Have you ever considered the advantages and disadvantages of emigrating ? If you intend to live and work in another country, you should definitely speak the local language. Multibhashi supports you and helps you to expand your active and passive vocabulary .

13. Reason for a foreign language: Overcome your language inhibitions

Especially at the beginning of language learning, many are afraid of speaking. However, the more contact you have with a foreign language, the easier it is for you to communicate. Therefore, speak in a different language regularly from the start.

In addition, if you know foreign languages, it will be easier for you to paraphrase unfamiliar words. You develop creative solutions and behave confidently in conversations with others despite the language barrier.

14. Reason for a foreign language: Have fun 

Learning languages ​​can be a lot of fun. Especially if you learn in a varied way and have a clear goal in mind.

Perhaps friends or your family would also like to learn a foreign language? For example, talk to each other in English at the next dinner – it is unfamiliar at first, but makes for a lot of entertainment over time.

15th reason for a foreign language: Increase your creativity

Studies have shown that learning languages ​​increase creativity. On the one hand through the constant mental activity, on the other hand through new thought patterns that you develop while learning.

Increased creativity brings many advantages in professional and private life.

That is why learning different foreign languages ​​are worthwhile.

Foreign Language

Every language has its own charm. Also, each language has specific reasons to learn it. So think carefully about your reasons:

Why learn French?

Learning French gives you access to a diverse, exciting culture. For example, the French language has a strong influence on the areas of gastronomy, fashion, and theatre!

In addition, French not only helps you on a trip to the city of love but also simplifies your visit to many African countries.

Learn French Quickly

Why learn Spanish?

Spanish is one of the 5 world languages ​​- it is even the most common mother tongue on the entire American continent. Therefore, learning Spanish is not only worthwhile for your vacation in Barcelona, ​​but also for a longer trip through South America.
Learn Spanish

Why learn Italian?

Italian is one of the most beautiful and expressive languages ​​in the world. If you would like to master an emotional language, learning Italian is particularly useful.

In addition, Italy is always worth a trip – the nature is beautiful, Italy has great cuisine and is particularly rich in culture. The geographical proximity to Germany also offers a great advantage.

Learn Italian

Why learn Russian?

Russian is not only very difficult to learn because of the Cyrillic alphabet. Grammar and pronunciation are also foreign and unfamiliar to many learners.

Are you looking for a challenge? Then learning Russian is just right for you! Another motivation for you is definitely that you learn the language of the largest country in the world.

Learn Russian

Why learn Chinese?

The Chinese culture has made a great contribution to our politics, religion, and science. China also has a strong influence on world politics and the economy.

If you want to learn more about the connections, learning Chinese is definitely worthwhile.

Learn Chinese

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