5 reasons to use LinkedIn for B2B marketing

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With more than 750 million members worldwide, LinkedIn has become the number one website for companies.

That alone should convince you to focus on marketing via LinkedIn.

Curious about 5 other reasons to get started with LinkedIn for B2B marketing? Then read on!

On LinkedIn, as a B2B marketer, you can find a new business partner, introduce a company to potential customers and attract new talent to join your company as an employee.

But you can also get valuable benefits from it with the right use of marketing.

Reason 1: Content!

Where social media channels are often used as a pastime, which is different from LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is mainly used for professional networking and for development. A time investment!

LinkedIn users are often engaged in self-development and gaining knowledge about their field.

When you use LinkedIn for B2B marketing, you have the advantage of context. Users are open to content that is really relevant to them.

As a company, you can perfectly respond to this with your content!

Example: A LinkedIn user is looking for a time management solution for his/her company or training software for their employees, and look – there you are.

When you advertise on LinkedIn, your ads appear in a news feed filled with industry news, expert advice, and insights and recommendations from colleagues.

An advertisement on LinkedIn will therefore be better received in this context than an advertisement on Facebook.

When a lead generation ad is shown on LinkedIn, it is shown to people who want to improve their industry. When it is shown on Facebook, it is visible to someone between different private photos.

This may be the same person, but think about it: When are you most likely to fill out a form to read a work-related white paper or case study? When you’re in relax mode? Or when you’re in work mode?

Much of the data LinkedIn uses for ad targeting comes directly from its users.

If used in the right way, this data brings your company to the attention of the most valuable target groups.

Reason 2: Business targeting capabilities

For each campaign, you need to carefully consider which target group you want to reach and how you can reach them.

This way you can reach users who are actually looking for your product or service. This way you can respond to their questions and needs.

But what possibilities are there in terms of targeting?

Target at the company level

Often you already have an idea of which or what kind of companies you want to focus on.

Based on a company level, you have several options.

On the one hand, you can choose a specific industry and, for example, companies with a certain number of employees with LinkedIn for B2B marketing.

Do you already know specific company names? Then you can also reach the employees of a specific company by targeting company names.

Depending on your target group, you can already target very specifically with this option.

Target at the job level

Do you not want to focus on specific companies, but on functions?

Then you can target based on job titles.

Because everyone on LinkedIn has entered a job title, you can target very specifically in this way.

In addition, you can also select based on seniority. For example, don’t want to reach interns with your ads? Then you exclude it.

Targeting on a personal level

Don’t know someone’s exact job title? Or do you want to reach beyond industry or function?

Then you can also use targeting based on skills, groups, education level, etc.

For example, when you use multiple IT job titles, you might reach people with those job titles, but not someone in IT with an unclear job title.

One way to address this is to also target skills. This way you also reach people who have IT skill on their LinkedIn profile.

What works best? That’s a matter of testing!

Set up different audiences with the same ads and compare the results.

Reason 3: Use your own data effectively

Do you already know who exactly you want to reach?

Upload a list of emails and LinkedIn will match those emails with user profiles.

When your list successfully matches 300 or more profiles, the end result is a matched audience that you can use in any campaign on LinkedIn.

Do you want to reach people who are similar to your current customers?

Then create a look-a-like audience based on your customer list.

In this way, LinkedIn looks at which profiles match and match your current customers.

This way you reach a completely new target group.

Reason 4: The right tool at the right time

Of course, it has been known for a long time that it is becoming increasingly difficult to reach people organically on social platforms.

Social advertising is one of the ways to reach prospects.

LinkedIn’s advertising platform provides everything a marketer needs to ensure that the ads reach the right people with an effective ad spend.

In addition to the countless targeting options that LinkedIn offers, there are also multiple advertising products available.

Re Objectives

LinkedIn offers different advertising goals so that there is always a suitable objective for your campaign! Below they are listed:


Brand awareness: Tell people about your product, service, or organization.


Website visits: Drive traffic to your website or marketing landing pages.

Interactions: Increase engagement with your content, such as likes, comments, shares, landing page clicks, or clicks or tracks from your LinkedIn page.

Video views: Share videos with more people.


Lead generation: Find leads on LinkedIn using a lead generation form pre-populated with LinkedIn profile information.

Website conversions: Capture leads on your website or drives leads that are valuable to your business.

Applicants: Tell more people about relevant vacancies at your company or send applicants to your vacancies.

Talent leads: The talent leads objective is only available to companies with an active LinkedIn Recruiter contract. Generate leads from candidates who are interested in career opportunities within your company.

Reason 5: Make use of your employees

As with everything in business, your employees are the most important thing.

Give them the resources they need to thrive.

Employees can be a good source for distributing content on LinkedIn.

With well-optimized profiles, employees can become important assets and spokespersons for your company.

Optimized profiles — both your company’s and employees’ — boost visibility in search results.

Google doesn’t leave LinkedIn out of the page-crawling fun. Google will crawl both employee and company profiles. So use your profiles and update them regularly to highlight what’s important.

Another way to get more out of LinkedIn is through employee reinforcement.

When an employee shares one of your LinkedIn posts, the organic reach will be strengthened.

As with Facebook, organic posts on business pages rarely appear in the average user’s newsfeed.

But once someone shares the post, it will appear in many more feeds. Take advantage of that!

Time to get started and get the most out of your LinkedIn page! Do you want to know more about LinkedIn for B2B marketing or do you need help? Please contact us!


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