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You scroll for hours and hours on social media along different pages. Ask yourself: “What really catches my attention?”. When do you stop scrolling and take the time to read something?

While scrolling, you are distracting your brain, overstimulating it, and taking your focus away. As an organization, you want your content to stand out. You want to stimulate the customer and ensure that you come to the attention.

In this blog, we tell you how to create lead magnets that do not pass your customer by.

A good example: how do you tell a detailed story to a good friend during a big and busy concert? Pretty tricky huh? It can also be difficult to make your ads stand out on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Productive Mindset for lead generation

Advertisements on social media are often aimed at getting people off the platform. So basically you use a platform to advertise and then you want the customer to go off that platform and visit your website. Quite a difficult task.

If you want to succeed in that, you have to ensure a productive mindset among users. A productive mindset consists of:

  • Focus
  • Attention
  • Interest

Focus, attention, and interest can be retained by sending the perfect message at the right time and in the right place. What helps you with that are lead magnets.

The secret ingredients for epic lead magnets

When you start using lead magnets, you have to focus on a target group that is problem-aware. After all, they are looking for a solution. The image below shows you where they are located.

Awareness level

A lead magnet ensures that you make this group solution-aware. With your lead magnet, you offer a solution to their problem.

Ingredient #1: the target group that benefits from the lead magnet

Ask yourself: is the target group defined without being too niche?

Below you can see examples of lead magnets that have worked and have not worked. The bottom lead magnets did not achieve the right result because the focus was too much on a niche target group.

Lead magnet | Target audience
9 Health Benefits of Beans Healthy foodies ✅
A legal checklist for starting a business in Rotterdam Entrepreneurs in Rotterdam ✅
5 must-haves for reaching retirement age Parents reaching ❌ retirement age
7 Tax Saving Strategies for Pharmacy Owners Pharmacy owners ❌

Don’t make the target audience too specific. It becomes all the more difficult to get hold of them.

Ingredient #2: The applicability of the content

Ask yourself: Can the reader use this now or is there more work to be done?

We’ve been talking about attention retention. You can only hold a user’s attention for a short time. After all, they want to scroll further quickly to see holiday photos or cool videos.

In this short time frame, you have to make sure that the reader does not have to do too much work to take action. Otherwise, you’ll lose them. Below you can see two examples of lead magnets that have or have not worked. Are you watching?

Lead magnet | Kind
Spaghetti with scallops Recipe ✅
5 easy exercises to learn the English language Exercises ✅
7 financial strategies for brokers Strategies ❌
How to: buying investment properties Buyers guide ❌

Recipes always do well. You read the lead magnet in the afternoon and can get started the same evening. Users can put themselves to work right away.

The same goes for 5 easy exercises to learn English. This lead magnet is successful because an important ‘keyword’ is used. The word ‘easy’ tells the reader that there is not much work behind this lead magnet. Other words you can use are for example: simple, simple, or small.

For example, a word that you should avoid in a lead magnet strategy. That word makes the reader think that there is still a lot of work to be done. At that point, readers drop out.

Ingredient #3: The relevance of the lead magnet

Ask yourself: is the content on time or is it poorly timed?

The title of your lead magnet is important. With this, you finally trigger the reader. A successful lead magnet often contains a year or time in the title. It makes the reader aware that it is or may be relevant at the moment.

Take a look at the examples below:

Lead magnet | Timing
Why you should buy real estate in East Groningen right now Good content: right time ✅
Why You Should Consider Building a Modular Home in 2022 Good content: right time ✅
How to buy a house as a starter Good content: wrong time ❌
How to sell your dental practice Good content: niche time ❌

Two lead magnets have had no success. Why is that? The timing of both lead magnets was wrong. For many people, it is currently hardly possible to buy a house because of the scarcity of the housing market. Starters continue to rent and cannot yet buy a house. A good example of timing is key.

Ingredient #4: The emotion the lead magnet evokes

Ask yourself: Could this topic work in small talk or is it too focused on productivity and work?

When the latter is the case, you won’t get many downloads. Topics that appeal to the reader are often topics that you also discuss in the bar, for example. It should be a topic that people like to talk about.

Lead magnet | Emotion
How we can positively influence our daily lives with compassion Compassionate and caring ✅
10 lessons to find happiness in life Happy and fulfilled ✅
Is it cheaper to buy or rent a water heater? Productive and informative ❌
Three essential checklists for a safe working environment Practical and work-related ❌

When you scroll through your social media feed, you don’t think of a water heater. That is exactly the reason that this lead magnet was not a success. It’s a topic that doesn’t appeal to readers easily.

To respond to the emotions of readers, you can use a number of smart words. Words like positivity, impact, and happiness release dopamine in our brains. We make a connection between these words and our feelings. A successful lead magnet responds to these emotions.

Convert readers to buyers

A successful lead magnet contains the above 4 ingredients. The last step is that users actually read the lead magnet. The infographic below gives you insight into how you can ensure that a lead magnet is read.

How do you ensure that a lead magnet is read?

It doesn’t stop at sending one e-mail. Many emails end up somewhere between the dozens of emails you receive in a day. Therefore, send users a reminder to open the lead magnet.

Follow the further step-by-step plan to actually turn readers into buyers. Step by step you create the perfect lead magnet and if you need help from any marketing agency then we are always ready with our market-tested lead generation strategies.

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Good luck!

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