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Facebook Ads have taken the lead, especially in social media marketing. Because no other platform is as accurate Targeting Possibilities and many setting options for advertising, like on Facebook. But it is precisely these advantages that make it difficult for many advertisers to successfully place advertisements. You may also be asking yourself the question: What makes a successful Facebook ad? Of course, this cannot be answered in general terms, as a number of factors depend on it. But we can help you optimize your ads and have identified the basic characteristics of successful ads.

This blog post is about Best practices for creating and running ads on Facebook so that you too can advertise successfully with Facebook Ads.

Best Practice von Facebook Ads

The social media platform Facebook offers you one A wide range of options for creating your advertisements. Your ad performance depends on which marketing strategy you pursue and how you implement it. We have identified five important criteria for good performance.

1. You address a specific target group.

Facebook offers you a lot when it comes to targeting. You should also use this for yourself. Because it is better to address a small group of customers than a huge group who will not have a real interest in your product or service.

With Facebook you have many options to target a specific target group. You can search there by interests, demographics, age, location, and more, and you can narrow down the group greatly and ensure that only high-quality data comes in.

2. The display is visually supported.

Ads that are visually supported by images, videos or graphics are most likely to be remembered and shared. So it doesn’t matter what the ad is about, what matters is that the image is attractive and of high quality. The Facebook algorithm also prefers visually supported ads and displays them in a prioritized manner.

It is also important that you test many formats on your target group and see which medium produces the most desired reactions. Because every user group reacts differently to the different formats. So test yourself and experiment. Because constant monotony of your media will not bring you closer to your goals. The following screenshot shows the formats that you can use via Facebook Ads Manager.

3. You have a logical call to action for users.

In order to achieve your goal, such as generating leads, you need to integrate a call-to-action into the ad. By doing this, you are asking users to perform a certain action. This includes, for example, the request to go to the website, click on a specific landing page or subscribe to a newsletter. This call-to-action is necessary so that the target group knows what to do. Simply being presented with a text with a suitable image will usually not lead to the desired action.

4. Use little text.

As a rule, Facebook users skim the Textthat they only get displayed on Facebook. To ensure that your message gets across, it is advisable to keep the text as short and concise as possible.

There should also be as little text as possible in the images. Because with a text content of less than 20%, the ads placed perform significantly better than an image with a lot of text. The Facebook algorithm is responsible for this, among other things. So reduce the font size and use fewer words so that your ads perform well.

5. Use retargeting campaigns.

With the help of retargeting campaigns, companies from a wide range of industries have already achieved many successes. Retargeting is particularly impressive due to its low wastage and high conversion rates. Because who doesn’t know it: you were in an online shop and looked at clothes. However, you have decided against purchasing for the time being.

A little later you will suddenly see the great pants you saw on Facebook ads. Now you decide to make a purchase. This type of advertising is very effective and works wonders! This retargeting process is shown in the graphic below:

In order for the retargeting campaigns to work, you should consider the following things:

  • Range: Ad blockers automatically reduce the reach of the retargeting campaign. For this reason, you should not limit your target group any further so that enough users are reached.
  • Advertising print: Advertising pressure is necessary so that the message is perceived by users. An ad impression of 15 isn’t much, because they are displayed online over a longer period of time.
  • Relevance: Don’t show users just any product, but exactly the one that may already be in their shopping cart. Ideally, this can be paired with offers such as free shipping or discounts.
  • Continuous optimization: Even with a retargeting campaign, almost everything revolves around regular optimization, as it is an ongoing process. So set an optimization goal and keep it in mind.


As you can see from these best practice examples Creating and running successful ads on Facebook is not rocket science. It is important that you get enough information and experiment with a wide variety of formats, texts, targeting options and advertising goals, optimize and see what works well for you. Because from good, but also especially from negative, experiences and results, you learn a lot about how the advertising manager works and about your own target group. Practice makes perfect!

We as Facebook Ads Agentur We will be happy to answer any questions or problems you may have and help you place your Facebook ads.

Frequently asked questions

Which format is most effective for Facebook Ads?

There is no general answer to this because every user group reacts differently to different ad formats. However, the carousel ad has already achieved good results for many companies because they are designed to be more interactive. This also increases the time users spend on the ad and the interactions of Facebook users.

How do you know which target group should be addressed?

Understanding who your potential customers are is the most important factor when running Facebook Ads. If the customer group is not properly known, targeted advertisements cannot be placed. There are so-called personas as support. A persona is a fictional character that represents your target audience. This makes it easier for you to understand your target group better and then make the targeting settings.

Does running Facebook Ads still make sense?

This question can be answered very simply: Yes! Facebook Ads are very effective and can reach and address specific target groups according to your wishes and ideas.

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