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In the digital marketing world, there are now many methods to promote your content and your business. One option is to create a blog. You advertise using editorial content and articles for your products and services. But why should you choose this exact marketing channel? We will give you an answer to this in the following blog post!

What is a corporate blog?

In order to understand what a corporate blog is, it is first important to know what blogging is. Blogging means writing something on a blog. A blog is a so-called Internet diaryin which different contributions are arranged chronologically.

Simply put, a corporate blog is a weblog run by a company, in other words a company blog. A corporate blog serves as the flagship of a company and offers an information platform for your customers.

In order for you to be successful with your blog, it is important to define clear goals before starting. This makes it easier for you to measure success, optimize it and create high-quality content.

Corporate Blog vs. normaler Blog

Now you understand what a corporate blog is and you may be wondering: what is the difference from a regular blog? A standard blog is run by a private individual and usually serves as a main source of income or hobby. These can be, for example, collaborations or internet diaries.

Things are different with the corporate blog. This is managed by one or more employees of the respective company. Although the blog does not act as a main source of income, that does not mean that it cannot generate sales. Quite the opposite. Since the corporate blog is a marketing channel, it provides traffic, which in turn generates leads. Your blog turns users into customers!

7 reasons for a corporate blog

Is running a company blog outdated? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! We’ll show you what advantages a blog offers for your company.

1. Know-how is proven

By skillfully imparting knowledge to your customers, you show that you know your industry like the back of your hand. However, your blog must target group-specific, relevant topics included, otherwise you won’t get any added value from it. Old articles should be revised regularly to always provide customers with up-to-date information.

2. Range is improved

Your company’s reach will be improved by regularly posting posts on your blog. The more regularly you post, the more likely it is that the blog posts will reach as many people as possible. Frequent posts increase traffic to the website.

3. CTAs are easier to accommodate

CTAs can easily be included in a post without the reader finding them annoying. A CTA (Call to Action) is a call to action for the readership, such as “Read now!” If the CTAs are chosen appropriately, you will benefit from them. By clicking the CTAs, more leads are generated.

4. Improve rankings

Good blog articles not only accompany existing visitors along the customer journey, but also improve the ranking of your website neue Leads generated. With the help of search engine optimized and high-quality content, your site will quickly move up in the search results.

5. Create trust

By providing users with helpful tips, you strengthen relationships and trust in you and your company. Satisfied users recommend your blog to others. Through Word of mouth New visitors become aware of you and potential leads are generated.

6. You are in control

Your website counts Owned Media. So you are the owner and have full control. You decide what, when and how is posted. Additionally, posting on owned media channels is more credible because you can provide your clientele with the information you see fit.

7. Exchange occurs

You can allow users to write comments or leave a rating on your blog. This way you get direct feedback from the readers of your company blog. You will find out where there is still room for improvement or which texts are particularly well received. You can base your implementation on this.

5 Types of Blogs

Not all blogs are the same. It differs depending on the target group, content and intent.

  1. Knowledge Blogs serve as a company’s experience store, especially on the intranet; have the function of communication between employees. An example of this is IQs Corner.
  2. Meeting Blogs act to record meetings. They can either be publicly accessible or locked, for example with an internal password.
  3. Service Blogs: Customers are provided with additional information about specific products. Customers can make product-related comments. This saves employees in service. Here’s the one Hubspot’s service blog a good example.
  4. Campaign Blogs As the name suggests, they support an advertising campaign and are therefore only available temporarily. They ensure that buyers’ attention is drawn to a recently released product, for example.
  5. Themen Blogs: This gives the company the chance to demonstrate its knowledge in the respective area. The company’s relevant contributions can be found over a longer period of time. For example, the blog you are currently reading is a topic blog.


In summary, a corporate blog is an excellent marketing channel. It highlights you as an expert and thus offers the opportunity to generate additional leads.

Would you like to get started with your own corporate blog and thereby increase your sales? Then Xpert Digital is the right place for you! As a professional content marketing agency, we are happy to help you successfully place your content on the market. Contact us today!

frequently asked Questions

What is a corporate blog?

A corporate blog is a company’s Internet diary and serves as a marketing channel.

What are the advantages of a corporate blog?

A blog is more likely to be read by readers than a website because it provides added value. The company’s products and content can be placed more easily, so that users become customers.

What is the difference between a corporate blog and a normal blog?

A corporate blog serves as a company’s marketing channel and not as its main source of income. A normal blog, on the other hand, serves as a private person’s main source of income or hobby.

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