The SEO Trends for 2023

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SEO in 2023

SEO in 2023 is going to be more vital and Xpert Digital has already looked ahead to the new year: 2023.

The end of 2022 is approaching and that means that the new year is not that far away from us at all.

Do you want to discover new trends in SEO? Here we will discuss here a number of topics that will be on the agenda in the coming year.

The SEO trends revolve around quality, looking beyond just search engines and more focus on visual and interactive content.

Quality over quantity

Google has been optimizing its search engine and the underlying algorithms since its foundation in 1998.

Despite the hundreds of signals that Google has started using since then, it, unfortunately, remains the case that you as a searcher do not always see relevant search results.

It’s also not easy given the huge increase in content over the years. AI has been causing an extra deluge of content lately.

There doesn’t have to be anything wrong with AI content. Especially if it is generated by a qualitative AI tool.

Then it is even very useful and especially efficient, but it is still desirable that people check the generated content for quality and originality.

Google’s “Helpful Content” update last September means that the media platform will take better action against poor-quality AI content, in order to keep the search results as relevant as possible.

Less is more. It is better to occasionally publish very strong quality content than regularly very short or weak content.

You have to fight against increasingly fierce competition. So pick your battles.

Moreover, people are already struggling with a heavy information overload, so the quality requirements are not only becoming stricter from search engines, but also from users.

If your content can’t effectively answer the questions or problems of your target audience, you won’t get anywhere.

About 15% of searches are new to Google. You can imagine that this makes it difficult to present the right results.

Partly for this reason, Google is introducing additional search suggestions. If you as a user type search queries in, Google provides suggestions for related search terms, for example, to refine by “nearby”.

Google is also introducing buying guides for Shopping. In addition, Google offers many extra filter options to get to the right products faster from the large Shopping product range.

In order for a company to be able to sail optimally on this new Google function, it is important that you optimize your product = feed now and enrich it with detailed content.

So provide Google with as many product attributes and context as possible. Think, for example, of color, style, moments of use, variants, and sizes. For clothing shoppers, there will even be a shop the look function.

Targeted searches and channels by search intent

Google’s market share is still huge within the offer in various search engines and remains by far the most important.

However, Google is not always the starting point anymore. There is more and more diversity in channels with a search function, such as TikTok, Pinterest, and Reddit / Quora.

If the search via such a different channel has been successful, there is a good chance that visitors will return to that same channel more quickly. As you also see, for example, more and more people go directly to Marketplaces to find products.

But at the same time, it can also ensure that people already know a brand (preferably your brand of course) if they have first seen it on TikTok.

Then if they are a bit further in their search process, they may later still use a search engine, but then they use your brand in the search. That of course gives you a big head start.

In short; make sure that you are also present outside search engines on all possible channels for your target group, so that they encounter your company in all phases of the customer journey and remember it.

Search results become more visual & interactive

There is a change in media preference going on. TikTok and Pinterest are well-known social media platforms that are very visual and show almost only visual content.

If you want to piggyback on this development as a company, you must ensure that you have enough visual material within your offered content; think of video and photo material, but also AR or VR and 360º visuals.

Also take a critical look at your forms. Can’t you turn that into a game, chat flow, calculator or quiz? Do you already use QR codes, videos, shorts or 3D images?

Google seems to be tapping into the popularity of the visual platforms, by making more use of visual aspects in their search engines and thus remaining the most popular search engine.

Instead of just textual links to websites or videos, the search engine increasingly shows images, shorts, and verticals (specialized search engines, such as flights and shopping).

Google SERP Features


After a successful beta in the U.S., Google will continue to roll out MultiSearch. This is searching with a combination of text, image, and speech. This works via the Google app on Android or iOS.

For example, you can choose an image or take a photo via Lens and then swipe to add an extra search such as “green”.

Google remains number 1 when it comes to SEO, but other (younger) channels can further increase your organic reach.

Be critical of the content you create.

Provide more visual and interactive elements.

Create one super-strong piece of content that answers all possible questions from your target audience, rather than writing 10 thirteen-in-a-dozen blogs.

Do you want to know how Xpert Digital deals with the new SEO trends or how we can help you with more growth?

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