Measures to avoid Facebook account suspensions

Facebook is undoubtedly one of them most popular advertising platforms and offers companies with the Facebook advertising account the opportunity to effectively reach their target groups by placing ads. To avoid advertising account suspension, you should Place ads on Facebook carefully.

In this blog article we provide you with one extensive checklist, with which you can successfully advertise on Facebook without endangering your profile. The checklist is specifically aimed at Advertisers starting from scratch and do not have an advertising account, Instagram account or Facebook profile.

A comprehensive checklist for agencies and companies

We will go through the creation and creation of the advertising account and business manager step by step with you so that your account is not deactivated or ads are rejected.

The registration

  1. Create one new advertising account in Business Managerto ensure that your profile is not associated with a deactivated or suspended advertising account. It is important that you are on your advertising account no prohibited contenthave suspicious or unusual activity.
  2. Go to Facebook to see the Registration to carry out.
  3. Use one secure WiFi networkto protect your data.
  4. use this Incognito mode of your web browserto bypass tracking mechanisms.
  5. Enter when registering exact information that match your ID card or passport.
  6. Complete all required fields and also provide optional information to complete your Completely design your profile.
  7. Save your login details carefully to ensure future access.

Profile picture and cover photo

Invite high quality profile picture with good resolution, in which your face is clearly visible. A single photo or portrait of you is best. A good profile picture ensures that your profile looks real and avoids rejection from ads or future bans.


Add one Job/business description in the profile or the bio section. This way, all profile visitors learn more about you or your company and Facebook does not assume fraudulent activity.

Info section

Complete the sections Workplace, university, place of residence etc. to make your profile more informative.

Friend requests

Send initial friend requests to acquaintances, colleagues and family members to build your social network. You should do these friend requests only to real profiles send.

Facebook pages

Like Facebook pagesrelated to your interests or business to receive relevant content.

Group joining

Join groups that relevant to your interests or your company are to exchange ideas with other users.


  • Customize general profile settings and add a username to create a custom URL to create.
  • Enable the “Verify before posts appear on your profile” option in your privacy settings so you can Control over your posts keep.
  • Adjust the Notification Settings to receive only the emails and text messages you need.

First post

Write an introductory post, for example about your first day on Facebook, to create a vconnection to your friends and followers to produce.

Profile verification

Run the Profile verification by verifying personal information in the Facebook Account Center and providing ID if necessary.

Re-review and reject ads

Check the content of disapproved ads and correct possible errors. Make sure the adn no misleading or discriminatory content contain.

How to recognize a blocked Facebook advertising account

If you have a Facebook advertising account, there are several ways you can tell that it has been deactivated. This can sometimes happen too even though you haven’t done anything wrong in your advertising account. But how can you recognize a deactivation?

Initially will be with you No more ads shown on Facebook. When trying to create an ad, a Error message will appear stating that your account is deactivated. You will also face an error message while accessing your account. This message usually reads:

“Your account has been disabled due to violations of our advertising policies.”

In some cases, Facebook will send you one News, which confirms the deactivation of your account. This message will normally by email or about the Facebook-App transmitted.

Reactivate a suspended advertising account

If your Facebook advertising account has been suspended or deactivated, it is important to to act quickly. The more time passes, the more difficult it becomes to recover your account. First, you should try Contact Facebook supportto find out the exact reason for the blocking.

To do this, go to Facebook’s Business Help Manager. There you have the opportunity to describe your situation. Often the cause is either a technical error or a possibly misinterpreted advertising policy. Once you have the Know the reason for the blocking, you can respond appropriately and possibly have your account reactivated. This way you can start running ads on Facebook again as quickly as possible.


With this checklist you are well prepared Place ads on Facebook while ensuring that your profile is not associated with fraudulent activity and is not at risk of future suspension. Note the Facebook policies and follow the recommended ad settings to launch a successful advertising campaign on Facebook and achieve your goals. If you have issues with disapproved ads or suspended accounts, you should contact Facebook Business Support. Here you can get help solving these problems so that your advertising account is not completely blocked. By strictly following this checklist and avoiding unusual activities, you will build a trustworthy advertising account in Business Manager and unlock the full potential of Facebook.

Do you need help creating your Facebook Ads? As an agency with many years of expertise in social media marketing, we would be happy to support you with your advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, etc. We look forward to getting to know you in a non-binding initial consultation!

frequently asked Questions

What to do if Facebook advertising account is blocked?

If your Facebook advertising account has been blocked, you need to act quickly. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to reactivate your account. Contact Facebook Support to find out the reason for your account being suspended. In the Facebook Business Support Manager you will find a form for contacting us.

Why is the Facebook advertising account blocked?

The most common reasons for deactivation are violating Facebook policies, not verifying your account, and providing incorrect payment information. Suspicious activity can also result in a ban, so it’s important to be well aware of Facebook’s policies.

Why isn’t running ads working?

There can be various reasons why advertisements cannot be displayed. The advertising account may be disabled, there may be restrictions on the account, or there may be a violation of advertising policies.

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