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Excluding entire channels like the networking giant Facebook from business-to-business marketing is careless and not the right way. Because Facebook also provides one for B2B marketing effective marketing channel dar. If the largest social network in the world, with 32 million users in Germany alone, all target groups can be found there. Through efficient Targeting and a well-thought-out advertising strategy, you as a B2B company can run successful Facebook ads!

In this blog post we will show you why B2B Marketing works and what you need to consider when creating your own Facebook page and Facebook Ads.

B2B Marketing via Facebook: Yes or No?

Many marketers agree that B2B marketing via Facebook doesn’t work. One of the reasons given is that customers have a longer purchasing process because they usually involve high-priced products or services. But this is exactly why B2B marketing on Facebook makes sense, because a regular presence on Facebook can A basis of trust with potential customers can be created. In addition to convincing facts, a long-term basis of trust also plays an important role for decision-makers. This basis of trust can be achieved through a regularly used and active Facebook page.

Another reason is that the target group is not represented on social media networks, but only, if at all, on platforms such as LinkedIn or XING. At close 32 million active users in Germany This may not be true for every B2B company. In addition, relevant decision-makers from B2B customers also spend a lot of time on Facebook and can be contacted cost-effectively through Facebook Ads. The justification that Facebook users are only active there for private reasons and not to consume business content is therefore not entirely correct. Because Facebook users are reacting more and more openly to company content these days and interactions between companies and users are constantly increasing.

In addition to the large selection of target groups, Facebook also has the advantage that, compared to Google, there does not have to be an explicit interest in the product or service. Facebook uses advertisements to awaken this Need and alerts users to the problem that may exist while offering a solution. This means companies can achieve the goal of brand awareness, i.e. attracting initial attention. About the first Brand Awareness To achieve this, the target group selection is filtered according to the user’s interests. This means, for example, users who have shown interest in social media marketing. Interest is visible, for example, through membership in a social media marketing group. They usually don’t know anything about the company’s existence and are being made aware of the service for the first time.

The following graphic shows The most important social media platforms in 2019 for B2B and B2C companies in comparison (Those). Facebook already has the largest share in the B2B sector at almost 50%. LinkedIn is only 30%, followed by Instagram at 9%. Among B2C companies, Facebook is in first place with almost 70% and LinkedIn is in one of the lower ranks with just 4%. It can be seen from this that Facebook already plays an important role for all customers and companies and for the logical reasons that have just been mentioned, among others.

It’s generally in marketing It is not a question of the network, but rather the approach, targeting and strategy that are crucial. This shows you whether the advertising measures are successful or not. Companies in the B2B sector should definitely integrate Facebook in marketing and, above all, in terms of communication.

Marketing in the B2B sector on Facebook

Marketing on Facebook works in two different ways. Once over the own Facebook page and organic posts (social media engagement) seen by the site’s subscribers. Or as paid advertisementswhich target the target group broadly or specifically, regardless of whether they already know the company or not.

Facebook site

If you have the opportunity to create a Facebook page for your business and this provide regular care, you should definitely do this. Today, interested parties no longer only find out about a company on Google, but also in the media. If your company is not yet represented on Facebook, you will lose a lot of interested parties.

Facebook users also use the platform to ask questions that may be the final step in the purchase decision. For many people, finding contact with a company on Facebook is much more pleasant and easier than searching for an email address or phone number on the website. A Facebook page also allows you to have direct contact with potential customers. This means that you receive honest feedback about your offer via comments and reactions and can implement this directly into your products or services.

Important when maintaining a Facebook page: Publish regularly provide new and interesting content for your subscribers. A good rule of thumb is: two posts per week and a maximum of one post per day. This means your fans are neither annoyed nor bored by your content. Another rule that you must keep in mind is that your posts should only consist to a small extent of self-promotion of your products or services. Approximately 20% of the postings should be your own advertising and the remaining 80% should provide added value to subscribers. The added value includes, for example, content about the market, competitors, holidays, everyday things and much more.

Facebook Ads for companies in the B2B sector

Advertisers on Facebook have a lot of influence on who sees the ads and where they are shown. That’s why it makes sense to deal with this in the B2B sector too. The precise targeting of the target group by age, interests, profession, general Facebook activities and much more, enables specific target group targeting and drastically increases the chances of success. When defining the target group of a campaign, you can, for example, specify that only managing directors, owners, CEOs or similar should be addressed. This will arouse initial interest.

By using one Custom Audience, companies have the opportunity to use existing customer data. The data such as email address, name, etc. is given to Facebook and the advertisements are shown to these people. For example, the data comes from a newsletter registration and when these users then see an ad, they are reminded of the company again and may make a purchase decision. With these data sets you can also create a so-called Lookalike Audience create. The corresponding target group is based on the existing data and then shows the ad to users who have similar interests.

This Advantages As a B2B company, you have the following to place your own Facebook Ads:

  • Very fine target group definition through interest targeting.
  • Remarketing possible. Users who have not made a purchase can be addressed exactly at the point where they left off.
  • Facebook Ads are strong in the mobile sector. Many decision-makers use their smartphones on the way to making a purchase.
  • There are many different format options: photo, video, carousel, collection and other formats to choose from.
  • Storytelling and emotions can be used well.
  • Long range.
  • Good platform to generate leads.


It also makes sense in the B2B sector Use Facebook for advertising purposes. It is important that success or failure is primarily determined by knowledge of your own target group. If you don’t know your target group enough, you won’t be able to use Facebook’s targeting efficiently and will therefore reach the wrong users.

In general, companies must always keep in mind that they… Even in the B2B sector, communicate with people and not with companies. However, you should not forget that Facebook is only an important part of the communication strategy. The customer journey should definitely not end here.

We as Facebook Ads Agentur We are available to answer any questions you may have about Facebook Ads and social recruiting for your company and will be happy to help you get started with your own ads!

Frequently asked questions

Why is there the fallacy that Facebook is not relevant in B2B marketing?

Many advertisers speak out against Facebook marketing in the B2B sector because the customers are companies and they are not represented on social media. However, in the vast majority of cases this is not correct. Because B2B decision-makers are also people who are on Facebook after work. And just like other users, they are open to communication and interaction with companies.

In B2B marketing, should you set up a Facebook page or run Facebook ads?

If possible, integrate both options into your business strategy. Since many people look for companies on social media networks these days, it would be disadvantageous not to find them there. Facebook Ads also offer very helpful targeting options.

Which targeting option should be used for marketing in the B2B sector?

The targeting option depends on the goal you want to pursue through social media. If you want to spark initial interest, you should filter by interests. However, if you want to reach specific people, then it is best to use Custom Audience to achieve your goals.

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